Does your computer seem to be getting slower or keeps locking up?

Then maybe it needs an MOT.

Most of us who bought a desktop pc package have little idea on the ins and outs of a computer. Many of us know only the basic things in a computer. Not all of us are knowledgeable with the more complex parts and aspects of a computer, that is why when we notice something unusual with our PC's, like slower than normal processing speed, we are readily bothered. More often, we have no idea of what caused such problems.

Most computer errors are caused by incorrect registry entries....

Programs that you install and uninstall leave their impact....

Websites you browse clog up the works....



Computers need to be cleaned up from time to time. Cleaning up the PC hard drive takes a little more than the occasional defrag or emptying of the recycle bin. Due to the way the machine stores and retrieves information and also due to how it adds and removes information, code gets left behind or corrupted and errors inevitably occur. Kestrel Solutions can service your machine for a fraction of the cost of replacing it, giving your computer a new lease of life and a more stable working environment.


What are the main threats:

Trojan Horses or Backdoors open your PC from the inside to attackers. Once a trojan is installed, someone can take full control of your computer. Most trojans are delivered via email and just previewing the email can activate the trojan.

Dialers are small programs which reconfigure your dial-up number to a premium rate number. If you use a dial-up modem to connect to your isp you are at risk. Premium rate numbers can cost you hundreds in just a few days!

Worm-Viruses are the most wide spread hazard on the internet. Worms arrive as emails with harmful attachments. If you open an attachment the worm will then copy and send itself to as many other computers as possible, damaging yours and your friend's systems.


Your personal data and your habits are a goldmine for some advertising companies who seek to infiltrate your computer. Often you are not aware that a spyware program has been downloaded. This software can collect personal information about you and your internet habits, change your home page and even stop you going to some websites!


PC Security is a major issue that is easier to resolve than you might think.





Do not dispose of your old computer until you have considered the following facts.

Old discarded computers still contain all the users information. Pretty much anything that was ever on the machine can be retrieved. So if it's sensitive, sell your computer but keep the hard drive.



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